Reducing costs, reaching more case study

The Challenge

A new Callimedia client requested cost saving efficiencies on their usual production run, without changing the look and feel of the printed piece.

Our Approach

We thrive on these requests! When quoting work we will always seek to provide alternative innovative solutions that help drive cost efficiencies.

We went to work…

Using our trusted supplier network we presented a range of options for our client including various postage costs.

We included a broad range of page counts focusing on efficient paginations to suit various press configurations, illustrating where savings could be made. We then went a little further and reduced the paper weight on the cover to bring the piece under a specific weight. This enabled us to access an optimized postage service at a lower price point.

Using our network of postage providers we supplied postage costs for all options, highlighting the most cost effective solution.

The Conclusion

Through our print expertise we were able to provide a solution that saved the client money on their print and paper spend. With the reduction in weight we were able to access a lower postage rate and coupled with our postage solution we made a real difference to the cost of the project.

This process is something we do for all of our clients. Using our expertise we deliver real cost efficiencies, whilst maintaining brand integrity.

Through reductions created by Callimedia, our client was able to use the cost saving to dive a little deeper into their database allowing further engagement with older records and re-activation. Callimedia ran a free data audit and removed any flagged suppressions to ensure the increased data file was as clean as possible. As a result an increased volume of 10,000 records was included in the campaign mailing.

Because of our work the client was able to extend the reach of the campaign and the results so far have been “extremely positive”.

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