A Complete Review

The Challenge

A client who we have partnered with for over 18 years, tasked us with a cost reduction exercise across their range of offline marketing material.  Whilst they wanted to reduce costs, they still wanted to maintain brand quality and consistency.

Our Approach

With our extensive knowledge of the paper market, we immediately thought of a new product which was a bulkier sheet than currently being used and thus could save on yield.

Engaging with the client and our mill partners at all stages we produced a series of plain and printed samples across various specifications to allow the client to get a feel for the new product and ensure that it was suitable for their brand.

Once the client was happy with samples we carried out an audit on their printed content and selected items which were suitable for the new paper to be used on. Numbers speak louder than words and this is what we found…

  • 245 tonnes of paper annually
  • Yield saving of 62 tonnes
  • Saving of £39,000

But we didn’t stop there…

Alongside the paper saving exercise we also looked at their annual postage spend.  The client mailed over 1,600,000 packs per year across various formats and services and we ran an audit on all mailed packs from the previous year.  Working with our network of postal providers we facilitated a move from Royal Mail to a DSA provider and through a trusted holistic approach we managed to achieve huge savings for the client year on year.

The Conclusion

Let us take you through just one production and the saving it generated…

The project in numbers:

First the paper

116,000 copies, A4, 224pp text

  • Previously produced on 70gsm
  • Reduced paper weight to 54gsm using bulkier paper
  • Saving 16 tonnes, equating to £8,000

Now the postage

  • 70gsm pack weight = 550grams
  • 54gsm pack weight = 435grams
  • Previous postage provider cost based on 550g £51,731
  • Previous postage cost based on 435g £42,549
  • New postage provider cost based on 435g £40,380
  • Total saving of £19,351 on a single project

What did the client say?

The solution Callimedia provided has been so successful we have simply re-named the paper “Magic Paper”.  The whole process was magic from start to finish and we have been able to allocate some of the saving towards other marketing activity (offline content of course)!

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