New look for Callimedia

This new look reflects the changes Callimedia has undergone in the past couple of years.

New branding

The brand name has been given a fresh, modern look signifying the evolution from print management to offline marketing agency. The iconic tree remains but has been given a cleaner, brighter image in a spot colour.

An evolution

Callimedia began as a print management business created to fulfil a need in the market. Over the years as the business has grown, so has its services. Adapting to our customers needs, we help to find the best solution for each clients requirements.

The print industry has faced many challenges with the advancement of technology, businesses closing, customers allocating more budget to online marketing and most recently the global pandemic.

However, Callimedia have remained steadfast through these periods of change and continued to provide creative print solutions and excellent customer service to its customers.

Our tagline has changed too and reflects our inclusion of additional services that we now offer. We are embracing the power of ‘phygital’ which encompasses the online with the offline, this helps us to remain competitive and enhance the offering to our clients. We proudly offer the following services:




Direct Mail

Logistics & Fulfilment

Promotional Items

Point of Sale

Exhibition Solutions

Online Marketing Campaigns

Website Design

Event Launches


Callimedia. YOUR offline marketing agency.

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