It is common knowledge that good customer experience can drive your brand forward and encourage growth. If you don’t have any customers, you don’t have any business. So, creating the best experience for your customers is imperative.

George Jacob at PeopleMetrics had a great analogy on this. He compares the customer experience to lily pads and the customers to frogs. Imagine your customer, or the frog, is trying to cross the pond. Different customers may cross the pond in similar sequences of lily pads. Some may take unique paths. Some may fall into the water and be lost forever.

To an individual customer, your Customer Experience (CX) is the path to the goal—the sequence of lily pads they took to the other side of the pond. Their feelings about your experience are informed by the lily pads they touched. Did each lily pad support them? Did each lily pad stay afloat? Did each lily pad move them closer to the goal? Did they feel solid, or even surprisingly pleasant underfoot?

For example, if you’re targeting older consumers as part of a reactivation campaign, a well-thought-out printed piece would be a great way to re-introduce them to your brand. It’s an established fact that embracing personalisation in your communications makes those messages more effective and even more relevant, and understanding the customer journey through the lily pads makes personalisation possible and even more powerful

Sometimes one lily pad may work well for one frog, but perhaps not for another. This is important to consider in your direct marketing. Get to know your frog and what their needs are, and personalise your lily pad just for them. This will give you a higher success rate for your pond, and the frogs will keep on coming.

The article “How customer experience is building brands and businesses” from Marketing Week explores the CX50 (the top 50 customer experience professionals), which makes for interesting reading. The list linked at the top of the article features brands such as Lush, Amazon, Netflix and Santander, which you would expect to see. However, there are some surprises, such as Tesco, HSBC and Transport for London.

This demonstrates that brands are shifting their focus by investing in top talent concentrating on improvements in the customer experience.

How are you nurturing your frogs to jump on your lily pads?


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