Christian Petersen of the Royal Mail explains that door drops are not just affordable – they are versatile, highly targeted and effective. For local firms, in particular, door drops can bring in valuable new business. Although it was recently regarded as a somewhat obsolete method, sophisticated targeting, better creatives and more responsive customers have all helped improve the impact of door drops, especially for local businesses looking to raise their profile. And, as consumers increasingly delete “junk” email, the door-drop mailing is actually proving to have greater chance of being picked up. Take a look at one of our previous blogs “Personalise your Direct Mail for a Higher ROI”. 

A fantastic example of this method being put to great use is Virgin Trains tongue-in-cheek method to fill seats on one of their off-peak Manchester to London routes. Knowing their target audience were Northern, Virgin Trains decided to forge an immediate allegiance with them by trialling an acquisition door drop to households within the Manchester area that took the proverbial out of their arch-rivals – Southerners.

The resulting ‘Northerners Guide to London’ gave the travellers tips on what to do (or rather what not to do) on a trip to London. Using witty language, Virgin pointed out the obvious flaws on a London trip (prices, busy tubes etc), and ‘translations’ of Southern terms along with tips on getting there and back, which allowed them to bring in the benefits of travelling by Virgin Trains rather than a car. To finish it off, Virgin included a £10 voucher off their next train journey – giving Northerners a real reason to take a trip to the lovely – if expensive – capital.

The combination of a pick-up-able travel pocket guide with a humourous, insightful tonality and a strong relevant offer delivered phenomenal results. The door drop achieved a response rate of 0.14% – beating the industry benchmark which sits at 0.1% – achieving a 40% uplift. Overall, 11% of those households (11,648) targeted with the door drop went on to purchase a Virgin Trains ticket generating a £2.4million in revenue. A big win for Virgin Trains!

This case study not only proves that knowing your target audience bodes well for success but that door drops are definitely not out of fashion. By appealing to their prospect’s sense of humour, Virgin Trains were able to beat industry standards and achieve the results they had hoped for. 

If you want direct one-to-one engagement with your targeted demographic without budgeting for a full Direct Mail campaign, then Door Drop can be a great way to reach your customers, achieving far greater “open” and “seen” rates than email.

The challenge is to create compelling promotions through Door Drop services to encourage greater customer engagement in the online environment via sharing on social media and ordering your products.

We can help you target the correct postal districts, ensuring the success of your print and extended digital and data capture campaigns. Our cost-effective solutions will get your message onto the doormats of your ideal consumers. 


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