Success Story

Large Retailer

The Challenge

To disrupt the norm… Our client had historically produced the same A4 16pp six million run insert to be included into various media titles in the weekend prior to Christmas. We were originally tasked with delivering the same output, but we did so much more…

Our Approach

From the initial enquiry we explored various paper options, the original spec was 90gsm Woodfree Uncoated and due to the bulky nature of the uncoated stock we needed to think outside of the box. 

We offered the client 3 solutions:

  • To stay as they are and use the 90gsm Uncoated stock

  • Drop the weight down to 80gsm uncoated, saving on yield without having too much of an impact on the finished product

  • Drop down to a very bulky 70gsm mechanical stock

Producing a full set of made up dummies and meeting with the client to discuss all options, they selected the 80gsm uncoated material. This opened another door where further cost savings could be achieved. Through our extensive European network of supply partners we contacted a printer who specialises in press finished products, we knew that reducing to 80gsm would allow us to look at an inline press finished piece.

The cost reduction was substantial and the production was set. A very complex set of packing and delivery requirements were sent across from the client, not to be phased we set about organizing the transport and liaising with the factory to ensure they understood the packing requirements fully. 

A Spanner in the works

Just prior to production a fire at the mill producing the paper resulted in a shortage in supply of uncoated paper across the UK and Europe, the initial stock we had introduced to the client was no longer available! However, due to our European network we managed to secure a different stock very similar to the initial paper and samples were sent to the client via same day courier to approve. 

The Conclusion

Through a careful considered approach we listened to the client’s requirements, we delivered an exceptional cost saving option, we managed the process ensuring a complex time sensitive production was delivered on time and within budget.

We flew over to Europe to attend the press pass ensuring that brand colours were consistent throughout the insert and going through in detail the packing requirements with the production team.

What did the client say?

“Callimedia led us through an especially complicated and complex process, we felt secure in their knowledge and trusted that they would deliver everything they promised. We were not disappointed the project was a success.”