Media use infographic

Each year Ofcom release statistics on how various consumer categories use, understand and respond to media and how they can change over a period of time.

It’s a great snapshot to help you put together your marketing strategy, particularly in identifying changing trends in behaviour, as this is now the 12th year the report has been published.

You can access the full report here: but we’ve produced an infographic to help you absorb the key points.

As new channels are introduced they get added to the survey, so if your marketing is stuck in “how we’ve always done it”, it’s a great tool to look at what might drive increases in campaign responses.

The report does focus particularly on those groups that may not have previously engaged so well with digital media, which is a useful barometer for growth if you target this audience.

Some of the results may surprise you, particularly around the rapid growth in certain segments and how diversified people’s exposure to opposing political views is!


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