Direct Mail: Targeting home movers with Royal Mail

Early in 2018 The Royal Mail suspended their access to home movers data in order to understand how the service could continue to be compliant with GDPR.

We’ve been tracking progress on this development, as it’s an excellent, proven way to target consumers in a particularly relevant way using direct mail, but of course, we all want to ensure that it’s done clearly and transparently to the consumer.

We’ve seen great success using home movers data for direct mail campaigns, but it does depend on the retail sector you’re in, as it definitely works better for some more than others. For example, larger ticket items such as furniture do very well as long as you get the timings right in terms of the moving schedule.

There’s an excellent report that analyses how targeting life events can deliver better results, again from Royal Mail. There’s a compelling argument for using this type of data, looking at home movers, up to 11% of the population move each year, and spend an average of £8,000 across that time period.

So, back to the availability of the data for direct mail, Royal Mail went to the ICO to see how compliant the offering was, using the basis of legitimate interest.

The good news is that the ICO were happy with the service, albeit with some improvements to increase transparency. The crux of the matter came around gathering 3rd party data sharing permission, as it’s not possible to identify every brand that will use the data.

This included clarity around the permission gathering wording, and implementing Royal Mail approval on all direct mail sent in this way. As long as you include clear ways to opt out, and you ensure that you’re proving useful and relevant information you’re in good shape to use this service.

At Callimedia, we work very closely with Royal Mail, so if you’re not sure if this would work for you, or if you’re compliant with GDPR with your direct mail services, then please get in touch.


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