The Book People


The Book People are one of the largest regional based agents and mail order book distributors within the UK.

Working with a broad selection of known publishing houses they have captured a niche segment of the market for ordering books either within the work, home or online environment.

Direct Mail has been a constant strategy for The Book People to engage and acquire business through this channel and Callimedia has been a valued supplier to ensure that best practice is assured in the printing and distribution of all their Direct Mail catalogues.


Having now been a trusted supplier for nearly 20 years, Callimedia has been a constant partner in assisting with the following services:

  • Scheduling and production control
  • Specification enhancement and evolution
  • Paper and Board Direct Mill purchasing
  • Data Management and segmentation
  • Gravure and Heat Set Web production
  • Distribution

Our difference is to understand our customers and work not only to immediate initiatives but always keep one eye on how technology or how different strategies may play a role to improve the outcome of existing or future campaigns. The Book People enjoy a relationship with Callimedia that allows us to explore possibility and demonstrate how our understanding of their brand can enhance either acquisition, engagement or retention of their target audience.