Callimedia started working with Sightsavers with the remit of streamlining their print and direct mail requirements.

Previously the charity had procured print and direct mail through a number of channels across various sectors of the business. The organisation cited two main areas of concern which needed to be addressed; these were brand maintenance and budgetary requirements.

The organisation’s brand is key to their marketing strategy and through the use of multiple suppliers the brand had been weakened due to variants in colour replication and materials used. Callimedia produced a brand guideline document which not only detailed colour guidelines but also stated materials which were to be used for certain print and DM projects, this was circulated to all key suppliers involved in projects, this ensured that brand colours were achieved each and every time and the correct material was sourced for each and every production.

The second issue was one of ensuring that budgets were being adhered to for each project, using Callimedia as their sole point of contact for print and DM requirements we were able to ensure that costs were kept within budget for each project and across the various departments within the organisation. It was also our responsibility to report on a quarterly basis to senior management within the organisation detailing how we had achieved and improved on print and DM budgets, at this point KPIs were set and agreed upon for the following quarter.

Callimedia were also involved in implementing a Storage and Distribution solution for the client. As an organisation they had a requirement to send support material to various supporters across the UK and abroad, the client felt that their current system was not robust enough to fulfil their demands. Working with one of our distribution partners we arranged for all stock to be moved to one of our warehouses and logged onto our stock system, we then created a bespoke online system which enabled the client to call off stock as and when required.

The system also had the capability to keep track of stock levels and send automated alerts when stock levels were becoming low. The system has allied the client to free up more of their staff to focus on other areas of the business as multiple users are able to call off stock using a number of bespoke order codes in order to allocate distribution costs to the correct departments within the organisation.

We also deployed a member of the Callimedia production team at their Head Office when required to assist in facilitating peak time requirements.