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Callimedia are rightly proud of the long standing relationships they enjoy with many of their clients. However, rather than resting on their laurels and maintaining the status quo, Callimedia take a pro active approach in helping clients benefit from new technology and formats that let their marketing output evolve in such a way that adds significant value to their business.

One such customer produces a multi-versioned, large format travel magazine three times a year. At the point at which Callimedia secured the contract, the magazine had traditionally been produced as a multi-sectioned piece that was finished off line on a stitching and endorsing line.

After exploring the then available technology in the UK,  our team tweaked the size of the product to enable it to be produced as a single section thereby reducing the cost of the piece to the client. However, this still left the client with an overly long lead time as the product was still finished off line and meant that they had to make decisions on price sensitive information in the magazine at too early a stage in the production process.

After further discussions the client decided that they would embrace any feasible web offset option that allowed them to shorten their lead time to under a week from the PDF date. After undertaking extensive research and factory visits, plain paper trials at two printers, one to be the primary supplier and one to act as a back-up option. After the successful completion of these we moved the magazine production to Europe and now deliver back to the UK the first tranche of copies to be mailed four days after the PDFs are supplied.

So after a period of considered evolution rather than revolution we have saved the client in excess of 15% on their production cost, which goes straight onto the balance sheet and taken nearly two weeks out of the overall lead time of the job giving our client a much better chance of making the market or responding to the market in the highly competitive and ever changing world of long haul flights.