Abellio Greater Anglia


Working with a leading UK Train Operator over the past number of years, Callimedia was initially tasked with improving on price points across various items of printed marketing and promotional material. We were able to do this with a great deal of success and also achieve a consistency of high quality supply through our trusted network of suppliers.

Working closely with the internal contact and design agency Callimedia have been able to advise on product suitability in order to achieve economical production methods, maximising efficiency whilst ensuring that the client’s vision is maintained at all times.

Callimedia have also been involved in a project which required products to be delivered to over 100 addresses throughout the UK, the deliveries were date compliant and if not achieved penalties for the train operator would be incurred.

In previous years the deliveries had not always been successful and Callimedia were asked to look at a solution to this issue.


We devised a distribution process utilising one of our logistics supply partners. We undertook the delivery process in two stages, the first stage of initial deliveries encompassed full documentation of all deliveries made, at this stage we were 96% complete on deliveries.

A second wave of deliveries was made on dedicated vehicles to ensure all compliant deliveries were fulfilled.

Not only were we able to improve on the client’s current distribution offering, ensuring that the compliant delivery dates were achieved, but also ensure that their budget requirements were met on this particular project.

As a result of this success, the contract for the print and distribution of their timetables and posters has been renewed.

Our engagement with the client continues to develop and we are continuously working with them regarding advisory and production capacities on other projects.