Paper and ​board

Far too often, the importance of Paper and Board specifications are overlooked within the total scoping of large scale print and marketing projects.

Customers tend to accept that their suppliers are procuring the very best material suitable for their needs, but far too often there are alternative brands or grades that are as good or better and can be sourced at more advantageous rates.

Callimedia has excellent relationships with paper mills far and wide across Europe and beyond. The expertise within our procurement team can help advise on the best products available for each particular brief and ensure this is acquired at the very best rate.

Paper and Board Managed Solutions

Consolidating your total spend within this single category can bring massive savings to your budget

Our team can audit your complete spend and then detail options of how a more holistic approach can be adopted based upon volume expenditure throughout an agreed contracted period.

We can even supply other organisations within your supply chain if that is an option to consider, but you can be assured that with a Callimedia Paper and Board Managed Solution your raw material needs will be executed to the very best standards and competitively sourced.

You can even turn your paper and board spend back into a revenue model for your business. Now that would be something welcome and refreshing so why not ask us how?