Web-Offset printing utilises the rules of lithography which is based upon the principle that the oil based inks and water do not mix.

This process uses fixed size coated aluminium printing plates which are wrapped around the plate cylinders on the press. The process transfers a positive inked image to a rubber printing blanket which then in-turn transfers the image onto the substrate.

Most Web-Offset presses are heatset meaning that the ink is dried almost immediately when the reels of printed paper pass through a gas oven. This enables the paper to be folded in-line reducing the need for post press finishing and hence shortening turnaround times.

This process is most suitable for medium to long run catalogues, brochures and magazines. Dependent on the format and material used but typically from quantities in excess of 20,000 copies.

Callimedia and Web-Offset printing

More and more customers are approaching us to discuss their Web-Offset printing requirements due to the lack of capacity and production flexibility within the UK market.

Having established a strong proposition within this sector we are well based to offer a reliable service with professional account management to meet the most demanding of briefs.

If you want a quick fix to see if this process is right for you, why don’t you call us in for a chat... all we ask​ for is a nice cup of coffee!