Sheet-fed ​Litho

Variable flat sheet sizes range from A4 through to AO on this most commonly used process for printing.

Taking cut sized paper either from reels (cut-star) or more commonly pre-cut sheets the printing process uses the lithographic technique to transfer the required image to the specified material.

Working in single or up to 12 colour units this process is very well equipped to meet the demands of most short to medium run printing requirements. Operational, packaging, marketing and direct mail formats are more commonly produced through this process.

Printed sheets are then taken on for further degrees of print finishing to create the final products.

Typical run lengths of standard sizes usually equate to no more than 20,000 copies.

Callimedia – Sheetfed Printing

Customers rely on Callimedia for their judgment to bring the right solution to the specification of each job won. Our pedigree in managing print for the last 20 years has meant we have established very reliable and quality driven solutions within this sector.

Typically this process works to short lead times and often complex project management for which we are well equipped to meet and deliver the demand of each brief given.

If this is a large part of your print requirements, then come and talk to us to see if we can bring an improvement to your supply chain process.