Gravure ​printing

Excellent image quality and large volumes: 

If your business has a high volume requirement for print/packaging then the Gravure printing process could be the most cost effective print solution for you.

The rotogravure printing process is most suitable for Catalogues, Brochures and Magazines which have a high volume and/or high pagination and tend to be printed on lower weight material.


  • Printing cylinders that can endure large-volume runs without image degradation    
  • Multiple cylinder sizes available to fit individual product and ensure good paper utilisation
  • Good quality image reproduction
  • Low per-unit costs when running high volume production


  • High start-up costs meaning large volumes required to be cost effective    
  • Extended pre-press time due to cylinder preparation 
  • Cylinder changes are expensive so not good for multi-version work
  • Costly if last minute alterations required and cylinders already made

Why use Callimemdia for your Gravure printing:

For the last 20 years Callimedia has been offering their customers Gravure services, facilitating print manufacturing from some of the most established Gravure plants around the world.

If this process is new to you, why don’t you call one of our experts to assist you and see if this format and production technique is the right choice for your printing needs?