Digital ​printing

Ever since the late '90s when Benny Lander introduced the “cost effective print run of one” there has been an explosion of digital processes and formats within the market.

Regardless of technology, it is what digital printing can achieve for your business by integrating data and personalised content in order to create a greater degree of outcome to your brief.

A4 to A2 formats are now commonplace in all mainstream processes with full colour variable content capabilities achievable on most digital print engines.

If you need to use variable data, single and four colours at run lengths no more than 500 copies then this process can be a very effective alternative to litho adding a greater degree of personal impact to your marketing communication.

Callimedia and Digital Printing

Because we have grown our proposition to include data and multi-channel services, digital printing is a key part of how we assist our customers to bring a greater degree of outcome to their customer engagement or retention projects.

By using the most up to date technology, combined with variable printing creates a dynamic that is far too underutilised in general within the commercial marketplace.

If you want to know how the use of digital printing technology can assist your business then give us a call and we can share our thoughts on how this may be right for your outbound communication requirements.