​Catalogue production

The challenge for today’s marketers is how to blend online and offline channels effectively to create the best return on investment (ROI) for their overall communications strategy.

As a channel, Print, such as Catalogue Production, is staging a comeback because emails and online activity alone are failing to achieve marketing ‘cut-through’. Recent research shows that combining Print with Digital Communications and supported redemption offers to be highly effective when engaging with existing customers or targeted prospects.

At Callimedia we have a comprehensive knowledge of the Print Channel both from a domestic and international perspective.

As one of the most multi-faceted and diverse sources for Print in the UK and Europe, our experience assures customers that we will match their specification with the right process in the right part of the world to meet their needs.

Our experience and track record across the board reassures our customers that their budget is spent wisely, on the correct process for the job. Our account teams take you through the whole process step-by-step, and we press pass your work so it is diligently scrutinised at every stage.
On average, printed products are kept within a household for up to

38 days
including door drop and general advertising mail products.