Specification & Schedule

Keeping you on track ensuring all elements of your campaign are clearly visible and managed well is a key part of what we do.

With so much capacity having disappeared this year within the European Gravure, Web and Sheetfed market, we are a safe pair of hands in both finding a solution as well as maintaining the schedule agreed within the budget set.

We also like to have a hand in assisting you to create the very best specifications for the outcomes of your brief, for this we can advise on -

  • Data sourcing
  • Most effective channel delivery or combination
  • Size and pagination of printed matter
  • Paper weight and specification
  • Most suitable printing process
  • Where in the world is the best production site
  • Personalisation and distribution


Postage is becoming a more complex part of direct mailing campaigns.

Callimedia are experts in giving the best advice and working with the best providers to ensure that your mailing costs are sourced at the very best rates possible.

We have unique agency agreements with Downstream Access Providers which ensure our postage is competitive to whatever service your require.

Whether it is agreeing size, weight, pagination or process the Callimedia postage specialists are here and on hand to give you the very best advice and rates possible.