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For our long-established Travel and Leisure Sector clients, Callimedia offer printing and marketing solutions which consistently produce outstanding results. 

Luxury Travel Brochure Printing

Travel Brochure Printing.

The travel magazine, or brochure, remains a critical part of your customer acquisition approach, and at Callimedia we've worked with companies such as Trailfinders, Abellio Greater Anglia, James Villas and Fred Olsen, so we're used to the periodic nature of travel brochure printing, and last minute promotional requirements.

Quality is paramount when you have discerning customers who have come to expect the very best, and your travel brochure should deliver just that. As one of the leading travel brochure printers, you can rest assured that you're in good hands.

Our experience not only covers printing, we can also advise on how to segment your data to get better response rates, and incorporating innovations such as Augmented Reality to capture customer data. Below you'll find information on how we support customers with their multi channel marketing.

Multi Channel Marketing for the travel sector.

Increased competition is ​more and more disruptive to the success and profitability of your organisation.

Additionally, the number of channels that you can deploy to promote your services and various destinations, is cluttered, and may not always give you a valuable and defined ROI from your marketing budget. Myanmar Luxury Travel

Callimedia has developed a robust process that uses multi-channel deployment ​as well as highly tailored and personalised communications. This includes variable & dynamic content email, video linked to personalised landing pages, referral mechanisms and digital variable Direct Mail.

The outcomes and results of ​a multi channel approach have shown that when you link digital, variable content, response rates can be as high as 27%.

However, it's not always straightforward, below are some of the typical challenges that we help travel companies address:

  • Poor quality and/or structure of your data
  • The complexity of managing personalisation across many channels
  • Uncertainty on how to execute and measure
  • Too many types of providers to choose from

Imagine what it could mean to your business if you were able to speak to each one of your customers in a more personalised, relevant and targeted way.

We've seen that this multi channel approach achieves: Luxury Boat Travel

  • Greater open rates from initial outbound emails
  • Increased engagement and click through to landing pages and/or your web site
  • Greater ability to ​better leverage data you have about your customers
  • Get customers more connected and feeling closer to your brand

86% of companies say they know their customers, only 39% of customers agree.

For more general information on Callimedia, please see here for more detail on brochure printing.