About us


Callimedia has worked with the Retail sector for many years. 

Customer acquisition is a challenge for any Retail or Mail Order operation, whether in online sales or in store via increased levels of footfall. retail storefront

How you connect with your customers is key, and the combination of offers and ​content you deploy has a major impact on the outcome of each marketing message. 

Today you need to be more selective, targeting individual demographic profiles and choosing which data and channels to use to convince your prospects of the value to them of engaging with your brand.

Callimedia works with several well-known and established High Street/Online businesses helping marketing teams to deploy their messages via the right channels:

  • Data Segmentation and Propensity Profiling
  • Personalised Email and Direct Mail Production
  • Catalogue Production, both UK and European Supply Chain
  • The use of Targeted Door Drop and Home Movers data
  • handbagsAutomated Redemption and enhanced data capture solutions
By using various combinations of these delivery methods, returns have achieved up to 35% increased responses compared to using email alone, with proven case studies on Door Drop and Home Movers campaigns reaching  response rates as high as 17%… now that’s impressive.