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Mail order

Dropping your catalogue onto door mats at high volume is unlikely to give you the ROI you are looking for without the inclusion of other strategies to boost engagement.handbags

Today we have to be more inventive to initiate and maintain a dialogue with our targeted demographic, whether they are existing customers or new prospects just discovering your brand.

Callimedia has a proud history of helping Catalogue and Mail order businesses to produce and deliver their product catalogues at the very best rates, sourced from around the world.

Callimedia’s ​commitment to ​excellence is this vertical are:

  • Creative Specification –determining the right pagination and size to match your budget.
  • Material Specification – sourcing the best paper and grade to enhance and support your brand  image.
  • Postage Optimisation - obtaining the very best possible rate either from Royal Mail or one of our    agency accredited Down Stream Access providers.
  • Press Configuration – selecting from all available formats - Sheet, Web and Gravure, in the UK and  Internationally
  • Financial Strength –our credibility with our suppliers secures production slots and materials to meet your deadlines
  • Outcome Management – support and guidance to ensure you to get the very best outcomes from  the investments in your Catalogue and Mail Order products