About us

Catalogue Production

For customers who use Catalogues as a major part of their engagement tool within the sales process Callimedia is a great partner to work with to achieve the right result for your business.

As with any relationship our value really matters when we are asked to be part of the specification process from the start of any campaign.

How we ensure you get the best job:

  • Size – ensuring the best possible laydown against the proposed size
  • Pagination – effectively giving you the maximum amount of content within the chosen size.
  • Paper – weight and grade, scheduling Mill makings, keeping within grammage bands for postal       efficiencies
  • Process – what machine specification – Web, Gravure or Sheet
  • Where in the world – Location of manufacturer
  • Press passing with you or on your behalf, wherever in the world
  • Finishing alternatives – creating a difference 
  • Postage – Agency agreements. Working within weight bands, taking advantage of the best possible rates
  • Data – personalisation or selection of cold data

We find our customers are well disciplined in many of these areas, but it is the small differences that we  make that can often result in sizable savings and efficacies for the production of large run catalogues.