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A Great Place to Work

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The Callimedia team has an exceptional depth of experience across all aspects of the Channel Communication sector. Our pedigree includes knowing the intricacies and specification advantages of print and complementary digital channels. You get the very best advice, service and outcomes every time.

A Great Place to Work

There is a reason why we have been supplying some of the top UK and international brands for over 20 years… that’s because we are very good at what we do. If you sat within the Callimedia office on a daily basis it is a hive of activity, hard work and conversation all focused on ensuring that the work we are committed to deliver is executed to the very highest degree of quality and service.

Conversations regard scheduling, suitability of data and how we can craft the very best proposition to meet our clients needs. Then there are the challenging last minute requests, made possible by leveraging the long established relationships we have with our approved suppliers to help us meet even the tightest of schedules. What you find behind our walls is a group a dedicated people, passionate about their work but most importantly passionate about the industry and the clients they serve.

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Callimedia Values

The world of customer engagement, acquisition and retention has changed forever.

Where once there were only five main channels to incite interest from the market, now there are over a hundred different forms of marketing strategy that you can deploy in delivering your message to your target market.

Educating and taking our customers on a journey of discovery in demonstrating what we know and how that can impact their results is a leading driver within our business. We are passionate to be seen as more than just a provider of “ink on paper” and to deliver demonstrable and reportable ROI on campaigns by utilising everything that is possible within our industry.

Our vision is to use a combination of channels and services to bring outstanding results to the customers we serve. Driving change and challenging the linear approach to business makes us pioneers, leaders and innovators, putting our customers at the forefront of their market sectors.

We believe that integrity and ethics aren’t just right, they also make clear business sense.

By providing total transparency with no hidden rebate agreements and concentrating on delivering totally independent advice along with great products and services, we have built long term and loyal trading relationships.

By treating our suppliers with respect and honouring our commitments to them, we have created a supply pool that is innovative, flexible and loyal to our own brand. This enables us to sustain the value we provide to our clients which in turn breeds greater loyalty from them and so the cycle continues.

If something feels right and at the same time is good for business, then we must be on to something…

What makes our services so strong is the professional way we work with our key providers who are such an intrinsic part of the channel communication solutions we provide.

Often we are tasked with very challenging briefs requiring us to think and work outside of “normal” specifications in order to achieve the desired result. We can only do this because of the support and respect we have from our approved database of supply partners ensuring that your requirements, however demanding, can be achieved to the full.

The commitment we enjoy from our partners is due to our own financial integrity and the professional way we work during the manufacturing process. This is something that is seen to be having value as all our communication and instructions are very detailed and presented accurately across each project.

See how our network can help you, and in turn bring a greater degree of efficiency and improvement to the outcome of your work.

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